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Announcing "Buffalo Cymbalsmiths"

Updated: May 28, 2022

I've been very busy rebranding my products and services. Everything from mentoring services to jewelry items.

Parent Brand: Tom Foote Drumming - Mentoring and Instructional Services

Sub Brands:

CymbalHeaven - Jewelry and other non-percussive items utilizing repurposed materials.

  • Buffalo Cymbalsmiths (NEW) - All percussion items and services involving cymbals and other unique items.

  • DrummingNow - A directory of pipe band scores spanning almost 100 years. My journey and some of my grandfathers.

  • Drumbrellas - the ultimate concept in playable weather covers for marching percussionist.

As this transition happens you will see changes in all my social networking including Facebo ok, Instagram, Twitter and others.

All my domains will forward you to

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