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New offerings at our online store

New offerings at our online store.


We’re starting to offer other manufacturers on our online store. If you are interested in any products from these companies please look on our website for them. We are slowly adding them as time allows. Please contact me if you have a specific item that you would like. It may take us some time to get all this data entry done. Here is the lineup:

Attack drum heads, wuhan, Canon, Luglock, Cardinal Percussion, Alfred publishing, buckaroo cleaner, drum dots, Evans drum heads, screw juice, innovative percussion, Keller shells and hoops, los Cabos drumsticks, Promark, pure sound, Evans, regal Tip, Remo, Tunebot, Vader, Vic firth. So I’m gonna slowly be adding these products to my website. These items will be drop shipped from my affiliate distribution warehouses. If you need any prices let me know. Of course you’ll get a great deal. Tom

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