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Tom and I have played together in grade one pipe bands since the early 1990s.  Tom is a dedicated drummer and educator, genuinely interested in improving his students technical and musical abilities.  He has a lifetime of knowledge, skills and experience to share.  ~  Doug Stronach 


“Tom Foote came to our program at a time when we had a number of inexperienced players with no previous pipe band time.  He helped us build a corps which attracted other very talented players.  Not only did the inexperienced players progress and learn, but the experienced players also developed further and gained leadership skills under Tom's tuteledge.  All of these young people attribute much of their current abilities and status to what they learned under his leadership - and that includes players that went on to become the lead drummers for bands in Grades 1, 2, and 3. 

Tom was great to work with as a Pipe Major, as we could collaborate easily and work to build a very strong ensemble effect for the band.  I give Tom my highest endorsement and praise as he took a band which was somewhat stagnant and helped them advance to win numerous prizes including the 2006 EUSPBA Championship for Grade III, and to establish a standard that was on the edge of Grade II status. 

I will always be grateful for the contributions he made to the highest point in our school-based band's history to date.” ~ Bill Caudill



“Tom is a highly competent player and consummate instructor, with a thorough and fun approach to imparting his deep rudimental drumming knowledge. Tom and I spent five seasons playing together in what was my first grade one band, where he was instrumental in helping me to make the cut. Would recommend his services for any and every level of player.” ~ Alex Robertson


"Working with Tom Foote is always a refreshing experience.  The Wake & District family was fortunate to have Tom not only assist us with instruction and composition of snare and mid-section scores – he played with Wake & District throughout our inaugural Grade 3 season.

Tom is regarded throughout North America as one of the most effective contemporary instructors of Scottish style drumming and band ensemble. He is a respected adjudicator for his fairness, as well as the critical feedback he provides to competitors, and his willingness to expand on his written feedback. He has also been active within administrative bodies that oversee competitive grading standards, event sanctioning requirements, and judging credentials.

Tom’s commitment is to assist others in their pursuit of increased knowledge, improved skills, and a greater satisfaction from their participation in the Scottish performing arts – and we can’t wait to have him back in Raleigh (when he moves here)."  ~ Joe Brady


“I have learned from and interacted with Tom for most of my life. His ability to communicate and teach music and rhythm is absolutely amazing. Whether teaching intermediate and advanced players the subtle nuances of our idiom or showing a beginner the basic mechanics of a single stroke Tom breaks down and explains it all in a very user-friendly fashion. Anyone who has the opportunity to study under him is very lucky, as his are the lessons that will stay with you for a lifetime.” ~ Tony Rashid 


 "Tom is a wonderful teacher. Mr. 'F'oote uses all the 'F's' in his instructional approach:  form, fundamentals, focus, frasing (lol), and lots of fun. I am a much improved  musician as a result of his teaching." ~ Jeff Mosher




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