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For immediate release: Buffalo, NY

WNY Drummers for Homeless People and Partner in Charity.

We are delighted to announce that we have chosen “WNY Drummers for Homeless People” as our official charity partner.

“All people are human beings and our goal is to give a little comfort, safety, and dignity to the lives of the homeless, today and moving forward. Changing the world is possible.

WNY Drummers for Homeless People has collected thousands of dollars and countless items that have gone toward changing one life at a time. Homelessness Is a 12 Month a year Journey!”

You may also contribute to WNY Drummers for Homeless People directly at:

WNY Drummers for Homeless People also collects new socks, underwear, and infant diapers at their shows and special events. These are usually announced on Facebook. Cash Donations can be made in cash boxes located in various retail outlets.

You can also donate by check to WNY Drummers For Homeless People Inc. 635 Niagara Pkwy. North Tonawanda, NY. 14120

More information can also be found on their website.

We are very honored to be part of this charities wonderful work.

Tom Foote

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