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Tom Foote - Snare Drumming Instructor, Cymbal-Artist


Tom started learning WWI style pipe band drumming from his grandfather (Joseph Bevington) at the age of eight. At elementary school age he was training classically at the Hamburg NY Schools and received private instruction with Steven Henry. He played in both All County and All State bands several times.  He was taught pipe band drumming by Jack Strickland of Fort Erie, ON Canada and Jimmy Agnew of St. Catherine’s, Ont., Canada. With Jimmy's example of strict study habits of rudimental play, Tom advanced to Professional Level status in short order.


Tom has received PPBSO (Canada) Champion Supreme Honors through all grade levels during his individual and band career.


Band Career


Tom played briefly with "The Clan McFarlane", St. Catherines, ON Canada  (1980) and then joined the 78th Fraser’s, Toronto, ON Canada (1982-1986) while Reid Maxwell was lead-tip. After a brief hiatus Tom began to instruct local bands in Upstate NY, and now teaches many bands and individuals across North America both in person and via web based lessons. He has played for the Toronto Metro Police Band with  Drew Duthart in the early 90’s, and then with Peel Regional Police

(2001-2004) and with the innovative Toronto Police Pipe Band with LD Doug Stronach. Of recent, Tom has concentrated on helping develop youth talent in the Buffalo, NY area.


Tom is a certified snare drumming adjudicator with EUSPBA and PPBSO and holds the highest level of certificate in drumming from the combined Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, The Army School of Piping and Drumming and the Institute of Piping, known collectively as the Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board.


In 2019, Tom left the health care industry after almost 40 years as an Ophthalmic Dispenser (Optician) to endeavor in his first love, metalsmithing.


Combining his talents from all industries he now is teaching, playing, and mentoring several individuals and entities in WNY and beyond.  He is diligently working at repurposing existing damaged cymbals into usable unique cymbals and other percussion instruments.  This fall (2021) he is returning to where his original metal educational began to expand and improve the products and art he is creating.



“I appreciate all the support and patronage that everyone has given me as I venture into my new life.” ~ Tom

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